Popsicles for every occasion


Handcrafted in Austin, TX

We start with creative local ingredients like sweet wines from Texas Hill Country and balsamic vinegar from Dripping Springs, and combine them with both traditional and exotic fruit flavors to provide a unique popsicle experience.

Our popsicles are available for catering, and can also be found at market events in Central Texas.

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Wine Pops


Balsamic Cream Pops


Fruit Pops


Weddings, corporate events, festivals, and more!


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Pop History

We're brand new! The Popsicle Stand was founded July 2018 to bring unique delicious popsicles to the Texas heat.

As an avid foodie and wannabe chef, owner Stephanie Milam crafted each popsicle recipe with the goal of creating uncommon yet approachable flavors that wholly satisfy. Stephanie has a 12-year background in market research, startup operations, and investor relations.